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Download our simple, easy to use WWII wargaming rules for FREE

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We have set out to make World War II wargaming accessible and fun for everyone regardless of age or experience. We have created super simple rules and are constantly developing the game to make it appeal to the history buffs as well as the young and enthusiastic! We have teamed up with our friends at Build Army who have designed these amazing block models that are fun for anyone to make. No more glue and paint, just fun straight out of the box!


Why BricksKrieg?

Great, simple, fun!


Easy Build Armies

We love gaming but are impatient! That means that we wanted super simple to build tanks and armies that would be ready to fight. Often painting and building can take weeks. We are all about the battlefield. Easy to make models for all ages, that can be built and re-built to your hearts content.


Parts Guarantee

If you receive a model without a part then we guarantee to send you the missing part absolutely free. This means your army will always be ready to fight.


Super simple rules

Our models can be used with any set of rules and there are lots of great rules out there. We have however used our 20 years of wargaming to take the best bits of wargaming and distill them into something that you can enjoy straight out of the box. No need to be a WWII history buff, just fun…straight out of the box!


Build with us

Our unique model system means you can build any unit you want! Whether it is terrain, buildings, armoured vehicles or artillery. Most of our kits are designed and built by buildarmy(R) and are compatible with LEGO blocks. We love working with our community of gamers and builders to build, share and sell the best scale models we can.


Build your army monthly from £12

Monthly 'Conscription

We are launching our monthly army builder or 'Conscription'. Find out how to grow your army with exciting additions dropping through your door every month.

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